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* Based on swsusp_32.S, modified for FSL BookE by
* Anton Vorontsov <>
* Copyright (c) 2009-2010 MontaVista Software, LLC.
#include <linux/threads.h>
#include <asm/processor.h>
#include <asm/page.h>
#include <asm/cputable.h>
#include <asm/thread_info.h>
#include <asm/ppc_asm.h>
#include <asm/asm-offsets.h>
#include <asm/mmu.h>
* Structure for storing CPU registers on the save area.
#define SL_SP 0
#define SL_PC 4
#define SL_MSR 8
#define SL_TCR 0xc
#define SL_SPRG0 0x10
#define SL_SPRG1 0x14
#define SL_SPRG2 0x18
#define SL_SPRG3 0x1c
#define SL_SPRG4 0x20
#define SL_SPRG5 0x24
#define SL_SPRG6 0x28
#define SL_SPRG7 0x2c
#define SL_TBU 0x30
#define SL_TBL 0x34
#define SL_R2 0x38
#define SL_CR 0x3c
#define SL_LR 0x40
#define SL_R12 0x44 /* r12 to r31 */
#define SL_SIZE (SL_R12 + 80)
.section .data
.align 5
.space SL_SIZE
.section .text
.align 5
lis r11,swsusp_save_area@h
ori r11,r11,swsusp_save_area@l
mflr r0
stw r0,SL_LR(r11)
mfcr r0
stw r0,SL_CR(r11)
stw r1,SL_SP(r11)
stw r2,SL_R2(r11)
stmw r12,SL_R12(r11)
/* Save MSR & TCR */
mfmsr r4
stw r4,SL_MSR(r11)
mfspr r4,SPRN_TCR
stw r4,SL_TCR(r11)
/* Get a stable timebase and save it */
1: mfspr r4,SPRN_TBRU
stw r4,SL_TBU(r11)
mfspr r5,SPRN_TBRL
stw r5,SL_TBL(r11)
mfspr r3,SPRN_TBRU
cmpw r3,r4
bne 1b
/* Save SPRGs */
mfspr r4,SPRN_SPRG0
stw r4,SL_SPRG0(r11)
mfspr r4,SPRN_SPRG1
stw r4,SL_SPRG1(r11)
mfspr r4,SPRN_SPRG2
stw r4,SL_SPRG2(r11)
mfspr r4,SPRN_SPRG3
stw r4,SL_SPRG3(r11)
mfspr r4,SPRN_SPRG4
stw r4,SL_SPRG4(r11)
mfspr r4,SPRN_SPRG5
stw r4,SL_SPRG5(r11)
mfspr r4,SPRN_SPRG6
stw r4,SL_SPRG6(r11)
mfspr r4,SPRN_SPRG7
stw r4,SL_SPRG7(r11)
/* Call the low level suspend stuff (we should probably have made
* a stackframe...
bl swsusp_save
/* Restore LR from the save area */
lis r11,swsusp_save_area@h
ori r11,r11,swsusp_save_area@l
lwz r0,SL_LR(r11)
mtlr r0
/* Load ptr the list of pages to copy in r3 */
lis r11,(restore_pblist)@h
ori r11,r11,restore_pblist@l
lwz r3,0(r11)
/* Copy the pages. This is a very basic implementation, to
* be replaced by something more cache efficient */
li r0,256
mtctr r0
lwz r5,pbe_address(r3) /* source */
lwz r6,pbe_orig_address(r3) /* destination */
lwz r8,0(r5)
lwz r9,4(r5)
lwz r10,8(r5)
lwz r11,12(r5)
addi r5,r5,16
stw r8,0(r6)
stw r9,4(r6)
stw r10,8(r6)
stw r11,12(r6)
addi r6,r6,16
bdnz 2b
lwz r3,pbe_next(r3)
cmpwi 0,r3,0
bne 1b
bl flush_dcache_L1
bl flush_instruction_cache
lis r11,swsusp_save_area@h
ori r11,r11,swsusp_save_area@l
* Mappings from virtual addresses to physical addresses may be
* different than they were prior to restoring hibernation state.
* Invalidate the TLB so that the boot CPU is using the new
* mappings.
bl _tlbil_all
lwz r4,SL_SPRG0(r11)
mtspr SPRN_SPRG0,r4
lwz r4,SL_SPRG1(r11)
mtspr SPRN_SPRG1,r4
lwz r4,SL_SPRG2(r11)
mtspr SPRN_SPRG2,r4
lwz r4,SL_SPRG3(r11)
mtspr SPRN_SPRG3,r4
lwz r4,SL_SPRG4(r11)
mtspr SPRN_SPRG4,r4
lwz r4,SL_SPRG5(r11)
mtspr SPRN_SPRG5,r4
lwz r4,SL_SPRG6(r11)
mtspr SPRN_SPRG6,r4
lwz r4,SL_SPRG7(r11)
mtspr SPRN_SPRG7,r4
/* restore the MSR */
lwz r3,SL_MSR(r11)
mtmsr r3
/* Restore TB */
li r3,0
mtspr SPRN_TBWL,r3
lwz r3,SL_TBU(r11)
lwz r4,SL_TBL(r11)
mtspr SPRN_TBWU,r3
mtspr SPRN_TBWL,r4
/* Restore TCR and clear any pending bits in TSR. */
lwz r4,SL_TCR(r11)
mtspr SPRN_TCR,r4
lis r4, (TSR_ENW | TSR_WIS | TSR_DIS | TSR_FIS)@h
mtspr SPRN_TSR,r4
/* Kick decrementer */
li r0,1
mtdec r0
/* Restore the callee-saved registers and return */
lwz r0,SL_CR(r11)
mtcr r0
lwz r2,SL_R2(r11)
lmw r12,SL_R12(r11)
lwz r1,SL_SP(r11)
lwz r0,SL_LR(r11)
mtlr r0
li r3,0