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Neterion's (Formerly S2io) X3100 Series 10GbE PCIe Server Adapter Linux driver
1) Introduction
2) Features supported
3) Configurable driver parameters
4) Troubleshooting
1) Introduction:
This Linux driver supports all Neterion's X3100 series 10 GbE PCIe I/O
Virtualized Server adapters.
The X3100 series supports four modes of operation, configurable via
firmware -
Single function mode
Multi function mode
SRIOV mode
MRIOV mode
The functions share a 10GbE link and the pci-e bus, but hardly anything else
inside the ASIC. Features like independent hw reset, statistics, bandwidth/
priority allocation and guarantees, GRO, TSO, interrupt moderation etc are
supported independently on each function.
(See below for a complete list of features supported for both IPv4 and IPv6)
2) Features supported:
i) Single function mode (up to 17 queues)
ii) Multi function mode (up to 17 functions)
iii) PCI-SIG's I/O Virtualization
- Single Root mode: v1.0 (up to 17 functions)
- Multi-Root mode: v1.0 (up to 17 functions)
iv) Jumbo frames
X3100 Series supports MTU up to 9600 bytes, modifiable using
ip command.
v) Offloads supported: (Enabled by default)
Checksum offload (TCP/UDP/IP) on transmit and receive paths
TCP Segmentation Offload (TSO) on transmit path
Generic Receive Offload (GRO) on receive path
vi) MSI-X: (Enabled by default)
Resulting in noticeable performance improvement (up to 7% on certain
vii) NAPI: (Enabled by default)
For better Rx interrupt moderation.
viii)RTH (Receive Traffic Hash): (Enabled by default)
Receive side steering for better scaling.
ix) Statistics
Comprehensive MAC-level and software statistics displayed using
"ethtool -S" option.
x) Multiple hardware queues: (Enabled by default)
Up to 17 hardware based transmit and receive data channels, with
multiple steering options (transmit multiqueue enabled by default).
3) Configurable driver parameters:
i) max_config_dev
Specifies maximum device functions to be enabled.
Valid range: 1-8
ii) max_config_port
Specifies number of ports to be enabled.
Valid range: 1,2
Default: 1
Specifies maximum VPATH(s) configured for each device function.
Valid range: 1-17
iv) vlan_tag_strip
Enables/disables vlan tag stripping from all received tagged frames that
are not replicated at the internal L2 switch.
Valid range: 0,1 (disabled, enabled respectively)
Default: 1
v) addr_learn_en
Enable learning the mac address of the guest OS interface in
virtualization environment.
Valid range: 0,1 (disabled, enabled respectively)
Default: 0