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Kernel driver nct7802
Supported chips:
* Nuvoton NCT7802Y
Prefix: 'nct7802'
Addresses scanned: I2C 0x28..0x2f
Datasheet: Available from Nuvoton web site
Guenter Roeck <>
This driver implements support for the Nuvoton NCT7802Y hardware monitoring
chip. NCT7802Y supports 6 temperature sensors, 5 voltage sensors, and 3 fan
speed sensors.
Smart Fan speed control is available via pwmX_auto_point attributes.
Tested Boards and BIOS Versions
The driver has been reported to work with the following boards and
BIOS versions.
Board BIOS version
Kontron COMe-bSC2 CHR2E934.001.GGO
Kontron COMe-bIP2 CCR2E212