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** Copyright (C) Sistina Software, Inc. 1997-2003 All rights reserved.
** Copyright (C) 2004-2005 Red Hat, Inc. All rights reserved.
** This copyrighted material is made available to anyone wishing to use,
** modify, copy, or redistribute it subject to the terms and conditions
** of the GNU General Public License v.2.
#ifndef __DIR_DOT_H__
#define __DIR_DOT_H__
int dlm_dir_nodeid(struct dlm_rsb *rsb);
int dlm_hash2nodeid(struct dlm_ls *ls, uint32_t hash);
void dlm_recover_dir_nodeid(struct dlm_ls *ls);
int dlm_recover_directory(struct dlm_ls *ls);
void dlm_copy_master_names(struct dlm_ls *ls, char *inbuf, int inlen,
char *outbuf, int outlen, int nodeid);
#endif /* __DIR_DOT_H__ */