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The idiot's guide to managing this directory
Q: How do I add source files to be translated ?
A: - Make sure the source file includes either gst-i18n-lib.h (if it's a part
of a library/plugin) or gst-i18n-app.h (if it's an application)
- Add the file path, relative to the top of the module, to
Q: How do I add/mark strings to be translated ?
A: - Use N_(...) to mark for translation.
- Use _(...) to get a translated string
- run "make gstreamer-1.0.pot-update" to update the .pot file
and check if your new strings got added
Q: How do I add a language ?
A: - copy gstreamer-1.0.pot to your new language.po
- add the language code to LINGUAS
- edit the header of this language.po file and make it match one of
the existing .po files
- translate the strings
Q: How do I update a language ?
A: - run make language.po-update to update your .po file
(replace language with your language code)
- edit the .po file, and translate the untranslated strings
- run make install from the .po dir (so the updated strings get installed
and will be used in the lib/app) and test if the new strings are
(To check, you need to export LANG=ll_LL. Make sure you add the last
bit; ie. for Dutch you need export LANG=nl_NL)
- commit