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# you can either set the environment variables AUTOCONF and AUTOMAKE
# to the right versions, or leave them unset and get the RedHat 7.3 defaults
export PATH="/bin:/usr/bin:$PATH"
if test -z $AUTOMAKE; then
export AUTOMAKE=automake
export ACLOCAL=aclocal
# if you would want to be running autoheader as well, you will have to do
# something similar as above for it
if test -z $AUTOCONF; then export AUTOCONF=autoconf; fi
echo "#!/bin/sh" >
echo "./ $@ \$@" >>
chmod +x
set -x
# if any of these steps fails, the others will not execute, which is good
# we want to treat errors as soon as possible
libtoolize --force || exit 1
# autoheader || exit 1
$AUTOMAKE -a || exit 1
$AUTOCONF || exit 1
if test x$NOCONFIGURE = x; then
echo Running ./configure $conf_flags "$@" ...
./configure $conf_flags "$@" && echo Now type \`make\' to compile. || exit 1
echo Skipping configure process.