pulseaudio:[MMFMWK-8268] fix bad state when play audio with varying channels

Not to check the state of stream in function gst_pulsesink_get_sink_input_info()
to void the disconnected error when play audio with varying channels.


Upstream status: pending

Signed-off-by: Hou Qi <qi.hou@nxp.com>
diff --git a/ext/pulse/pulsesink.c b/ext/pulse/pulsesink.c
old mode 100755
new mode 100644
index 222e9ee..e6e8068
--- a/ext/pulse/pulsesink.c
+++ b/ext/pulse/pulsesink.c
@@ -2616,7 +2616,7 @@
   while (pa_operation_get_state (o) == PA_OPERATION_RUNNING) {
     pa_threaded_mainloop_wait (mainloop);
-    if (gst_pulsering_is_dead (psink, pbuf, TRUE))
+    if (gst_pulsering_is_dead (psink, pbuf, FALSE))
       goto unlock;