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When porting a plugin start with 0.8 CVS head, not the old code in this module. There are many bugfixes which have gone into 0.8 which you want to keep.
List of ported plugins (update when you commit a ported plugin):
speexenc (alima)
auparse (alima)
effectv (wim)
mad (wim)
videofilter (wim)
aalib (wim)
libcaca (zeeshan)
law (wim)
shout2 (zaheer) - not fully tested
esdsink (arwed)
multipart (dolphy)
osssink is partially done in the threaded branch (wim)
- Remember that some plugins are already ported and now in the gst-plugins-base module.
When you have ported a plugin remember to copy the relevant parts from into and re-enable it in the files.