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Base Video Classes TODO
Main goal:
Make the video encoder/decoder base classes more consistent with the
other GStreamer API, especially with the audio encoder/decoder base
The API should be named similar, the base classes should be used
similar by the sub-classes, the behaviour of the base classes should
be similar.
Currently there are many, mostly small, differences between the audio
and video base classes API. Things like GstVideoState should be merged
with the stuff we have in 0.11 to make the API the same in 0.11 and
0.10 as far as possible, things like GstVideoInfo might make sense to
be backported (at least partially).
* Use a GInstancePrivate for extensability.
* Try to move more common video objects to video.[ch]
Known bugs:
[basevideodecoder] Add separate drain vfunc and differentiate
between hard/soft reset in reset vfunc
Doesn't support handling of "partial" frames
Impossible to flush pending frames in ::set_format
add API to handle QoS events and dropping logic
Autodetect multicore/multithread processors
Add support for QoS messages to -bad decoders and other elements
Peripheral issues
theoraenc: spurious encoder resets due to unstable upstream
timestamps cause quality issues
=> Investigate how to specify/handle variable framerates.