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Check about GST_PAD_PARENT vs gst_pad_get_parent - do we need a reference - is there any danger of losing the parent in the middle or not:
<thaytan> one uses GST_PAD_PARENT in situations where you can be sure the parent exists and will exist for the entire time you need it
<thaytan> and gst_pad_get_parent when you need a ref because the pad might get unparented while you're using it
Ask about individual segment handling on separate sink pads. Is it possible that the separate NEWSEGMENT events on the text and video pad have different start and/or stop values, as to require some code complexity present?
- parse incoming buffers into complete packets (first buffer of a packet should
have a timestamp set), and get rid of the gstmpegtsdemux hack
- implement blitting/overlay for at least I420