mac-addresses: Stop filtering out DVT MACs

We're planning on re-using the DVT range of MAC addresses publicly. This means
the allocation scheme must be the same, and this script must use the same
technique. Since existing DVT units will not be shipped as launched products, we
can safely remap these MACs, despite the collisions.

Sorry, internal devs. :D

Change-Id: I2aaa7d350e85b9a4a5dcaabf0809aa46adee5d7e
diff --git a/debian/10-set-mac-addresses b/debian/10-set-mac-addresses
index 550a7ea..fcb43ce 100755
--- a/debian/10-set-mac-addresses
+++ b/debian/10-set-mac-addresses
@@ -145,16 +145,6 @@
         print('Error writing bluetooth configuration to %s: %s' % (BD_ADDR_PATH, e))
-def IsDVTMacAddress(base_mac_address):
-    '''Checks to see if the given MAC address is within the allocated DVT range.'''
-    prefix_string = GetMacDevicePrefixString(base_mac_address)
-    if prefix_string == 'f4:f5:e8':
-        return True
-    return False
 def Main():
     base_mac_address = FindEthernetMacString(ETHERNET_DEVICE)
@@ -162,11 +152,6 @@
         sys.stderr.write('Unable to find MAC address for device %s\n' % (ETHERNET_DEVICE))
-    if IsDVTMacAddress(base_mac_address):
-        sys.stderr.write('Detected DVT MAC address for device %s\n' % (ETHERNET_DEVICE))
-        sys.stderr.write('Cowardly refusing to set the MAC addresses\n')
-        sys.exit(0)
     next_mac = GenerateNextMac(base_mac_address)
     print('Wifi/Bt MAC address will be %s' % next_mac)