qcacld-2.0: RSN IE Update in case of BSS already started

Beacon does not show RSN IE after disabling/enabling SAP, hence
stations does not connect back while trying to associate in WPA.

While re-enable SAP from the hostapd_cli, the start_bss is called
twice, first from wps_init which does not populate RSNIE and secondly,
through bss_setup which has RSNIE but getting ignored as the BSS is
already started.

Added the RSN IE in case of BSS already started

Change-Id: I2a67156e66e255e7c007a5925cd81b859009114e
CRs-Fixed: 2144429
diff --git a/CORE/HDD/src/wlan_hdd_cfg80211.c b/CORE/HDD/src/wlan_hdd_cfg80211.c
index b8fe177..73dbedf 100644
--- a/CORE/HDD/src/wlan_hdd_cfg80211.c
+++ b/CORE/HDD/src/wlan_hdd_cfg80211.c
@@ -16409,6 +16409,11 @@
     wlan_hdd_add_extra_ie(pHostapdAdapter, genie, &total_ielen,
+    if(test_bit(SOFTAP_BSS_STARTED, &pHostapdAdapter->event_flags))
+        wlan_hdd_add_extra_ie(pHostapdAdapter, genie, &total_ielen,
+                              WLAN_EID_RSN);
     if (0 != wlan_hdd_add_ie(pHostapdAdapter, genie,
                               &total_ielen, WPS_OUI_TYPE, WPS_OUI_TYPE_SIZE))