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* Copyright (c) 2017, ARM Limited and Contributors. All rights reserved.
* SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-3-Clause
#include <cassert.h>
#include <platform_def.h>
#include <utils_def.h>
* If the platform hasn't defined a physical and a virtual address space size
* default to ADDR_SPACE_SIZE.
# error "ADDR_SPACE_SIZE is deprecated. Use PLAT_xxx_ADDR_SPACE_SIZE instead."
# endif
#elif defined(ADDR_SPACE_SIZE)
# endif
# endif
/* The virtual and physical address space sizes must be powers of two. */
/* Struct that holds all information about the translation tables. */
typedef struct {
* Max allowed Virtual and Physical Addresses.
unsigned long long pa_max_address;
uintptr_t va_max_address;
* Array of all memory regions stored in order of ascending end address
* and ascending size to simplify the code that allows overlapping
* regions. The list is terminated by the first entry with size == 0.
* The max size of the list is stored in `mmap_num`. `mmap` points to an
* array of mmap_num + 1 elements, so that there is space for the final
* null entry.
mmap_region_t *mmap;
unsigned int mmap_num;
* Array of finer-grain translation tables.
* For example, if the initial lookup level is 1 then this array would
* contain both level-2 and level-3 entries.
uint64_t (*tables)[XLAT_TABLE_ENTRIES];
unsigned int tables_num;
* Keep track of how many regions are mapped in each table. The base
* table can't be unmapped so it isn't needed to keep track of it.
int *tables_mapped_regions;
unsigned int next_table;
* Base translation table. It doesn't need to have the same amount of
* entries as the ones used for other levels.
uint64_t *base_table;
unsigned int base_table_entries;
* Max Physical and Virtual addresses currently in use by the
* translation tables. These might get updated as we map/unmap memory
* regions but they will never go beyond pa/va_max_address.
unsigned long long max_pa;
uintptr_t max_va;
/* Level of the base translation table. */
unsigned int base_level;
/* Set to 1 when the translation tables are initialized. */
unsigned int initialized;
* Bit mask that has to be ORed to the rest of a translation table
* descriptor in order to prohibit execution of code at the exception
* level of this translation context.
uint64_t execute_never_mask;
} xlat_ctx_t;
* Shifts and masks to access fields of an mmap_attr_t
/* Dynamic or static */
#define MT_DYN_SHIFT 30 /* 31 would cause undefined behaviours */
* Memory mapping private attributes
* Private attributes not exposed in the mmap_attr_t enum.
typedef enum {
* Regions mapped before the MMU can't be unmapped dynamically (they are
* static) and regions mapped with MMU enabled can be unmapped. This
* behaviour can't be overridden.
* Static regions can overlap each other, dynamic regions can't.
} mmap_priv_attr_t;
* Function used to invalidate all levels of the translation walk for a given
* virtual address. It must be called for every translation table entry that is
* modified.
void xlat_arch_tlbi_va(uintptr_t va);
* This function has to be called at the end of any code that uses the function
* xlat_arch_tlbi_va().
void xlat_arch_tlbi_va_sync(void);
/* Add a dynamic region to the specified context. */
int mmap_add_dynamic_region_ctx(xlat_ctx_t *ctx, mmap_region_t *mm);
/* Remove a dynamic region from the specified context. */
int mmap_remove_dynamic_region_ctx(xlat_ctx_t *ctx, uintptr_t base_va,
size_t size);
/* Print VA, PA, size and attributes of all regions in the mmap array. */
void print_mmap(mmap_region_t *const mmap);
* Print the current state of the translation tables by reading them from
* memory.
void xlat_tables_print(xlat_ctx_t *ctx);
* Initialize the translation tables by mapping all regions added to the
* specified context.
void init_xlation_table(xlat_ctx_t *ctx);
/* Add a static region to the specified context. */
void mmap_add_region_ctx(xlat_ctx_t *ctx, mmap_region_t *mm);
* Architecture-specific initialization code.
/* Returns the current Exception Level. The returned EL must be 1 or higher. */
int xlat_arch_current_el(void);
* Returns the bit mask that has to be ORed to the rest of a translation table
* descriptor so that execution of code is prohibited at the given Exception
* Level.
uint64_t xlat_arch_get_xn_desc(int el);
/* Execute architecture-specific translation table initialization code. */
void init_xlat_tables_arch(unsigned long long max_pa);
/* Enable MMU and configure it to use the specified translation tables. */
void enable_mmu_arch(unsigned int flags, uint64_t *base_table);
/* Return 1 if the MMU of this Exception Level is enabled, 0 otherwise. */
int is_mmu_enabled(void);
#endif /* __XLAT_TABLES_PRIVATE_H__ */