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  2. edgetpu.basic.basic_engine.rst
  3. edgetpu.classification.engine.rst
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  5. edgetpu.learn.imprinting.engine.rst
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  8. requirements.txt

This directory holds the source files required to build the Edge TPU reference with Sphinx.

You can build these docs locally with the docs make target. Of course, this requires that you install Sphinx and other Python dependencies:

# We require Python3, so if that's not your default, first start a virtual environment:
python3 -m venv ~/.my_venvs/coraldocs
source ~/.my_venvs/coraldocs/bin/activate

# Move to the python-tflite-source/edgetpu/ directory...

# Install the doc build dependencies:
pip install -r ../docs/requirements.txt

# Make sure you have a library build, because the SWIG API build is required:

# Build the docs:
make docs

The results are output in python-tflite-source/docs/_build/html/.

For more information about the syntax in these RST files, see the reStructuredText documentation.