Update mobilenet_v1 embedding extractor to GA version and missing
benchmark references on Rp3.

Tested=QA test on rp3b, rp3b+, devboard and gLinux.

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(cherry picked from commit 5bcc4bfed3d9cb26fc9aefdc6bebd08d13d9e3e8)
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  1. benchmarks/
  2. debian/
  3. docs/
  4. edgetpu/
  5. libedgetpu/
  6. test_data/
  7. tests/
  8. 99-edgetpu-accelerator.rules
  9. build_package.sh
  10. install.sh
  12. MANIFEST.in
  13. qa_test.sh
  14. README.md
  15. setup.py
  16. uninstall.sh

Edge TPU Python API

This repository contains an easy-to-use Python API to work with Coral devices:

You can run inference and do transfer learning.