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#include "busybox.h"
#include <sys/types.h> /* Needed by dirent.h on netbsd */
#include <stdio.h>
#include <dirent.h>
#include "../ext2fs/ext2_fs.h"
/* `options' for print_flags() */
#define PFOPT_LONG 1 /* Must be 1 for compatibility with `int long_format'. */
/*int fgetversion (const char * name, unsigned long * version);*/
/*int fsetversion (const char * name, unsigned long version);*/
int fgetsetversion(const char * name, unsigned long * get_version, unsigned long set_version);
#define fgetversion(name, version) fgetsetversion(name, version, 0)
#define fsetversion(name, version) fgetsetversion(name, NULL, version)
/*int fgetflags (const char * name, unsigned long * flags);*/
/*int fsetflags (const char * name, unsigned long flags);*/
int fgetsetflags(const char * name, unsigned long * get_flags, unsigned long set_flags);
#define fgetflags(name, flags) fgetsetflags(name, flags, 0)
#define fsetflags(name, flags) fgetsetflags(name, NULL, flags)
int getflags (int fd, unsigned long * flags);
int getversion (int fd, unsigned long * version);
int iterate_on_dir (const char * dir_name,
int (*func) (const char *, struct dirent *, void *),
void * private);
/*void list_super(struct ext2_super_block * s);*/
void list_super2(struct ext2_super_block * s, FILE *f);
#define list_super(s) list_super2(s, stdout)
void print_fs_errors (FILE * f, unsigned short errors);
void print_flags (FILE * f, unsigned long flags, unsigned options);
void print_fs_state (FILE * f, unsigned short state);
int setflags (int fd, unsigned long flags);
int setversion (int fd, unsigned long version);
const char *e2p_feature2string(int compat, unsigned int mask);
int e2p_string2feature(char *string, int *compat, unsigned int *mask);
int e2p_edit_feature(const char *str, __u32 *compat_array, __u32 *ok_array);
int e2p_is_null_uuid(void *uu);
void e2p_uuid_to_str(void *uu, char *out);
const char *e2p_uuid2str(void *uu);
const char *e2p_hash2string(int num);
int e2p_string2hash(char *string);
const char *e2p_mntopt2string(unsigned int mask);
int e2p_string2mntopt(char *string, unsigned int *mask);
int e2p_edit_mntopts(const char *str, __u32 *mntopts, __u32 ok);
unsigned long parse_num_blocks(const char *arg, int log_block_size);
char *e2p_os2string(int os_type);
int e2p_string2os(char *str);