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<p>Please visit our sponsors and thank them for their support! They have
provided money for equipment and bandwidth. Next time you need help with a
project, consider these fine companies!</p>
<li><a href="">OSU OSL</a><br>
OSU OSL kindly provides hosting for BusyBox and uClibc.
<li><a href="">Codepoet Consulting</a><br>
Custom Linux, embedded Linux, BusyBox, and uClibc development.
<li>AOE media, a <a href=>
TYPO3 development agency</a> contributes financially.
<li><a href=>Analog Devices, Inc.</a> provided
a <a href=>
Blackfin development board</a> free of charge.
<a href=>Blackfin<a>
is a NOMMU processor, and its availability for testing is invaluable.
If you are an embedded device developer,
please note that Analog Devices has entire Linux distribution available
for download for this board. Visit
<a href=></a>
for more information.
<li><a href="">TimeSys</a><br>
Embedded Linux development, cross-compilers, real-time, KGDB, tsrpm and cygwin.
<li><a href="">Penguru Consulting</a><br>
Custom development for embedded Linux systems and multimedia platforms.
<li><a href=""></a><br>
Embedded open source consulting in Europe.
<p>If you wish to be a sponsor, or if you have already contributed and would
like your name added here, email <a href="">Denys</a>.</p>
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