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<h3>Mailing List Information</h3>
BusyBox has a <a href="/lists/busybox/">mailing list</a> for discussion and
development. You can subscribe by visiting
<a href="">this page</a>.
Only subscribers to the BusyBox mailing list are allowed to post
to this list.
There is also a mailing list for <a href="/lists/busybox-cvs/">active developers</a>
wishing to read the complete diff of each and every change to busybox -- not for the
faint of heart. Active developers can subscribe by visiting
<a href="">this page</a>.
The Subversion server is the only one permtted to post to this list. And yes,
this list name uses the word 'cvs' even though we don't use that anymore...
<h3>Search the List Archives</h3>
Please search the mailing list archives before asking questions on the mailing
list, since there is a good chance someone else has asked the same question
before. Checking the archives is a great way to avoid annoying everyone on the
list with frequently asked questions...
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