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/* vi: set sw=4 ts=4: */
* Licensed under GPLv2, see file LICENSE in this source tree.
#define UDHCP_DHCPC_H 1
struct client_data_t {
uint8_t client_mac[6]; /* Our mac address */
IF_FEATURE_UDHCP_PORT(uint16_t port;)
int ifindex; /* Index number of the interface to use */
uint8_t opt_mask[256 / 8]; /* Bitmask of options to send (-O option) */
// ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ TODO: DHCPv6 has 16-bit option numbers
const char *interface; /* The name of the interface to use */
char *pidfile; /* Optionally store the process ID */
const char *script; /* User script to run at dhcp events */
struct option_set *options; /* list of DHCP options to send to server */
uint8_t *clientid; /* Optional client id to use */
uint8_t *vendorclass; /* Optional vendor class-id to use */
uint8_t *hostname; /* Optional hostname to use */
uint8_t *fqdn; /* Optional fully qualified domain name to use */
unsigned first_secs;
unsigned last_secs;
int sockfd;
smallint listen_mode;
smallint state;
/* server_config sits in 1st half of bb_common_bufsiz1 */
#define client_data (*(struct client_data_t*)(&bb_common_bufsiz1[COMMON_BUFSIZE / 2]))
#define CLIENT_PORT (client_data.port)
#define CLIENT_PORT6 (client_data.port)
#define CLIENT_PORT 68
#define CLIENT_PORT6 546