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# Seconds to try to reread partition table
exec </dev/null
exec >"/tmp/${0##*/}.$$.out"
exec 2>&1
echo "Running: $0"
echo "Env:"
env | sort
while sleep 1; test $cnt != 0; do
echo "Trying to reread partition table on $DEVNAME ($cnt)"
: $((cnt--))
# If device node doesn't exist, it means the device was removed.
# Stop trying.
test -e "$DEVNAME" || { echo "$DEVNAME doesn't exist, aborting"; exit 1; }
#echo "$DEVNAME exists"
if blockdev --rereadpt "$DEVNAME"; then
echo "blockdev --rereadpt succeeded"
exit 0
echo "blockdev --rereadpt failed, exit code: $?"
echo "Timed out"
) &