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=head1 LIBC NSS
GNU Libc uses the Name Service Switch (NSS) to configure the behavior of the C
library for the local environment, and to configure how it reads system data,
such as passwords and group information. BusyBox has made it Policy that it
will never use NSS, and will never use and libc calls that make use of NSS.
This allows you to run an embedded system without the need for installing an
/etc/nsswitch.conf file and without and /lib/libnss_* libraries installed.
If you are using a system that is using a remote LDAP server for authentication
via GNU libc NSS, and you want to use BusyBox, then you will need to adjust the
BusyBox source. Chances are though, that if you have enough space to install
of that stuff on your system, then you probably want the full GNU utilities.
=head1 SEE ALSO
textutils(1), shellutils(1), etc...
Erik Andersen <> <>
=head1 AUTHORS
The following people have contributed code to BusyBox whether
they know it or not.
=for html <br>
Erik Andersen <>, <>
Tons of new stuff, major rewrite of most of the
core apps, tons of new apps as noted in header files.
=for html <br>
Edward Betts <>
expr, hostid, logname, tty, wc, whoami, yes
=for html <br>
John Beppu <>
du, head, nslookup, sort, tee, uniq
=for html <br>
Brian Candler <>
=for html <br>
Randolph Chung <>
fbset, ping, hostname, and mkfifo
=for html <br>
Dave Cinege <>
more(v2), makedevs, dutmp, modularization, auto links file,
various fixes, Linux Router Project maintenance
=for html <br>
Karl M. Hegbloom <>
cp_mv.c, the test suite, various fixes to utility.c, &c.
=for html <br>
Daniel Jacobowitz <>
=for html <br>
Matt Kraai <>
documentation, bugfixes
=for html <br>
John Lombardo <>
dirname, tr
=for html <br>
Glenn McGrath <>
=for html <br>
Vladimir Oleynik <>
cmdedit, stty-port, locale, various fixes
and irreconcilable critic of everything not perfect.
=for html <br>
Bruce Perens <>
Original author of BusyBox. His code is still in many apps.
=for html <br>
Chip Rosenthal <>, <>
wget - Contributed by permission of Covad Communications
=for html <br>
Pavel Roskin <>
Lots of bugs fixes and patches.
=for html <br>
Gyepi Sam <>
Remote logging feature for syslogd
=for html <br>
Linus Torvalds <>
mkswap, fsck.minix, mkfs.minix
=for html <br>
Mark Whitley <>
sed remix, bug fixes, style-guide, etc.
=for html <br>
Charles P. Wright <>
gzip, mini-netcat(nc)
=for html <br>
Enrique Zanardi <>
tarcat (since removed), loadkmap, various fixes, Debian maintenance
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