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<p>Please visit our sponsors and thank them for their support! They have
provided money for equipment and bandwidth. Next time you need help with a
project, consider these fine companies!</p>
<li><a href="">OSU OSL</a><br>
OSU OSL kindly provides hosting for BusyBox and uClibc.
<li><a href="">Penguru Consulting</a><br>
Custom development for embedded Linux systems and multimedia platforms
<li><a href=""></a><br>
Embedded open source consulting in Europe.
<li><a href="">Codepoet Consulting</a><br>
Custom Linux, embedded Linux, BusyBox, and uClibc development.
<li><a href="">TimeSys</a><br>
Embedded Linux development, cross-compilers, real-time, KGDB, tsrpm and cygwin.
<p>If you wish to be a sponsor, or if you have already contributed and would
like your name added here, email <a href="">Rob</a>.</p>
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