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A small SSL helper for busybox wget.
Precompiled static binary may be found in
Build instructions:
* Unpack wolfssl-3.9.8.tar.gz from
to a wolfssl-3.9.8 subdirectory here.
* Create configure:
(cd wolfssl-* && ./
* Build it: see
(cd wolfssl-* && ../00cfg-wolfssl-3.9.8)
* Run
to compile and link the helper
Usage: "ssl_helper -d FILE_DESCRIPTOR" where FILE_DESCRIPTOR is open to the peer.
In bash, you can do it this way:
$ ssl_helper -d3 3<>/dev/tcp/HOST/PORT
Stdin will be SSL-encrypted and sent to FILE_DESCRIPTOR.
Data from FILE_DESCRIPTOR will be decrypted and sent to stdout.