build: Fix the continuous build

Symlinking is no longer necessary, since we use repo to check out with.

Change-Id: I6330df30a5283d325887788c343175de971e2597
diff --git a/kokoro/ b/kokoro/
index 075d367..11146c3 100644
--- a/kokoro/
+++ b/kokoro/
@@ -13,10 +13,6 @@
   echo "Invalid job name: ${KOKORO_JOB_NAME}" && exit 1
-# Symlink the Makefile, like it would be if repo checked this out.
-# Otherwise, sourcing doesn't work as expected.
-ln -sfr git/build/Makefile git/continuous-build/Makefile
 # Sourcing this only works in the directory above build...
 pushd git
 source build/