continuous-build: Fix the build's script paths.

Change-Id: I5e1643e2b6504c218f0609d0df06f109088bc020
diff --git a/kokoro/ b/kokoro/
index 7bc9962..075d367 100644
--- a/kokoro/
+++ b/kokoro/
@@ -15,10 +15,10 @@
 # Symlink the Makefile, like it would be if repo checked this out.
 # Otherwise, sourcing doesn't work as expected.
-ln -sfr git/continuous-build/build/Makefile git/continuous-build/Makefile
+ln -sfr git/build/Makefile git/continuous-build/Makefile
 # Sourcing this only works in the directory above build...
-pushd git/continuous-build
+pushd git
 source build/
diff --git a/kokoro/continuous.cfg b/kokoro/continuous.cfg
index 9824960..ee27e52 100644
--- a/kokoro/continuous.cfg
+++ b/kokoro/continuous.cfg
@@ -1 +1 @@
-build_file: "continuous-build/build/kokoro/"
+build_file: "git/build/kokoro/"