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PTS test results for RFCOMM
PTS version: 6.1
Tested: 12-May-2015
Android version: 5.1
Kernel version: 4.1
PASS test passed
FAIL test failed
INC test is inconclusive
N/A test is disabled due to PICS setup
NONE test result is none
Test Name Result Notes
TC_RFC_BV_01_C PASS rctest -n -P 1 <btaddr>
TC_RFC_BV_02_C PASS rctest -r -P 1
TC_RFC_BV_03_C PASS rctest -r -P 1
TC_RFC_BV_04_C PASS rctest -r -P 1
TC_RFC_BV_05_C PASS rctest -n -P 4 <btaddr>
Note: test requires IUT to connect on the given
channel. sdptool browse <btaddr> to check the
TC_RFC_BV_06_C PASS rctest -r -P 1
TC_RFC_BV_07_C PASS rctest -r -P 1
TC_RFC_BV_08_C PASS rctest -r -P 1
TC_RFC_BV_11_C PASS rctest -r -P 1
TC_RFC_BV_13_C PASS rctest -r -P 1
TC_RFC_BV_15_C PASS rctest -r -P 1
TC_RFC_BV_17_C PASS rctest -d -P 1
TC_RFC_BV_21_C PASS rctest -w -N 10 -P 1
TC_RFC_BV_22_C PASS rctest -w -N 10 -P 1
TC_RFC_BV_25_C PASS rctest -r -P 1