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.TH GATTTOOL "1" "Aug 2015"
gatttool \- tool for Bluetooth Low Energy device
.B gatttool
\fBgatttool\fP is tool that can be used to manipulate these attributes with a Bluetooth Low Energy device.
gatttool [OPTION...]
Help Options:
\fB-h\fP, \fB--help\fP Show help options
\fB-h\fP, \fB--help\fP Show help options
\fB--help-all\fP Show all help options
\fB--help-gatt\fP Show all GATT commands
\fB--help-params\fP Show all Primary Services/Characteristics arguments
\fB--help-char-read-write\fP Show all Characteristics Value/Descriptor Read/Write arguments
Application Options:
\fB--i\fP, \fB---adapter=hciX\fP Specify local adapter interface
\fB--b\fP, \fB---device=MAC\fP Specify remote Bluetooth address
\fB--t\fP, \fB---addr-type=[public | random]\fP Set LE address type. Default: public
\fB--m\fP, \fB---mtu=MTU\fP Specify the MTU size
\fB--p\fP, \fB---psm=PSM\fP Specify the PSM for GATT/ATT over BR/EDR
\fB--l\fP, \fB---sec-level=[low | medium | high]\fP Set security level. Default: low
\fB--I\fP, \fB---interactive\fP Use interactive mode
This manual page was written by Nobuhiro Iwamatsu <>,
for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).