Populate BRILLO_CRASH_SERVER from the product config

Using cfgtree.mk, this change adds support to load the
crash server URL directly from a file in the product tree
during the build.

TEST=build image, check in etc for the populated osrelease.d file

(cherry picked from commit e680f358ece3d6047f7b61c07267d8d87cea9cf5)

Change-Id: I28879ec7b82f3cda2a02a97a116368ca2fbbdc8b
diff --git a/crash_reporter/Android.mk b/crash_reporter/Android.mk
index c5ca4e4..81cb458 100644
--- a/crash_reporter/Android.mk
+++ b/crash_reporter/Android.mk
@@ -102,9 +102,13 @@
 include $(BUILD_SYSTEM)/base_rules.mk
+# Optionally populate the BRILLO_CRASH_SERVER variable from a product
+# configuration file: brillo/crash_server.
+LOADED_BRILLO_CRASH_SERVER := $(call cfgtree-get-if-exists,brillo/crash_server)
 # If the crash server isn't set, use a blank value.  crash_sender
 # will log it as a configuration error.
 	$(hide)mkdir -p $(dir $@)
 	echo $(BRILLO_CRASH_SERVER) > $@