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In-vehicle infotainment (information and entertainment)
graphical environment support modules for Weston
IVI-shell is an alternative shell for Weston, a Wayland display server.
Window management and application interaction with the display server
are very different to that of a normal desktop, which is why this is
a separate shell and not an extension to the desktop-shell suite with
xdg_shell. As such, applications need to be specifically written to use
IVI-shell contains two main features:
- Common layout library for surface, which allow ivi-shell developer
to develop own shell, linking Common layout library.
For the time being, the library refers Genivi ilm interface.
- Extension protocol; ivi-application to tie wl_surface and a given ID.
With this ID, shell can identify which wl_surface is drawn by which
application. In in-vehicle infortainment system, a shell has to update
a property of a wl_surface. E.g. there may be a use case when vehicle
starts to move, the wl_surface drawn by Car navigation is expected to
move top of surfaces.
The actual software components delivered with Weston are:
- ivi-application.xml:
Wayland protocol extension for IVI-applications; the public
shell protocol (the same concept as xdg_shell).
Implemented by
A Weston shell module that implements ivi-application.xml interfaces.
Implements the IVI window management concepts: Screen, Layer,
Surface, groups of Layers, groups of Surfaces, see:
Offers a stable API for writing IVI-controller modules like against the IVI concepts. In other words,
it offers an API to write IVI window manager modules.
A sample implementation of an IVI-controller module, usually
replaced by IVI system vendors.
Uses to perform essentially window manager tasks.
This implementation keeps all window management inside the module,
while IVI-systems may use another module that exposes all window
management via Wayland or other protocol for an external process
to control:;a=summary
- ivi-hmi-controller.xml:
Wayland protocol extension for IVI display control; the private
shell protocol for weston-ivi-shell-user-interface client
(the same concept as desktop-shell.xml).
Implemented by, and usually replaced by IVI
system vendors.
- weston-ivi-shell-user-interface:
A sample implementation of an IVI shell helper client, usually
replaced by IVI system vendors.
A helper client for basic display content, similar to
How to compile:
same as weston. To disable, use option: --disable-ivi-shell for configure.
How to configure weston.ini:
reference ini file will be generated in <build_dir>/ivi-shell.
How to run:
same as weston. exec weston.
How to use UI: