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* Copyright (c) Thomas Gleixner <>
* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL 2.0+ BSD-3-Clause
#ifndef __UBOOT_UBISPL_H
#define __UBOOT_UBISPL_H
* The following CONFIG options are relevant for UBISPL
* Defines the maximum number of logical erase blocks per loadable
* (static) volume to size the ubispl internal arrays.
* #define CONFIG_SPL_UBI_MAX_PEB_SIZE (256*1024)
* Defines the maximum physical erase block size to size the fastmap
* buffer for ubispl.
* #define CONFIG_SPL_UBI_MAX_PEBS 4096
* Define the maximum number of physical erase blocks to size the
* ubispl internal arrays.
* Defines the maximum number of volumes in which UBISPL is
* interested. Limits the amount of memory for the scan data and
* speeds up the scan process as we simply ignore stuff which we dont
* want to load from the SPL anyway. So the volumes which can be
* loaded in the above example are ids 0 - 7
* The struct definition is in drivers/mtd/ubispl/ubispl.h. It does
* not fit into the BSS due to the large buffer requirement of the
* upstream fastmap code. So the caller of ubispl_load_volumes needs
* to hand in a pointer to a free memory area where ubispl will place
* its data. The area is not required to be initialized.
struct ubi_scan_info;
typedef int (*ubispl_read_flash)(int pnum, int offset, int len, void *dst);
* struct ubispl_info - description structure for fast ubi scan
* @ubi: Pointer to memory space for ubi scan info structure
* @peb_size: Physical erase block size
* @vid_offset: Offset of the VID header
* @leb_start: Start of the logical erase block, i.e. offset of data
* @peb_count: Number of physical erase blocks in the UBI FLASH area
* aka MTD partition.
* @peb_offset: Offset of PEB0 in the UBI FLASH area (aka MTD partition)
* to the real start of the FLASH in erase blocks.
* @fastmap: Enable fastmap attachment
* @read: Read function to access the flash
struct ubispl_info {
struct ubi_scan_info *ubi;
u32 peb_size;
u32 vid_offset;
u32 leb_start;
u32 peb_count;
u32 peb_offset;
int fastmap;
ubispl_read_flash read;
* struct ubispl_load - structure to describe a volume to load
* @vol_id: Volume id
* @load_addr: Load address of the volume
struct ubispl_load {
int vol_id;
void *load_addr;
* ubispl_load_volumes - Scan flash and load volumes
* @info: Pointer to the ubi scan info structure
* @lovls: Pointer to array of volumes to load
* @nrvols: Array size of @lovls
int ubispl_load_volumes(struct ubispl_info *info,
struct ubispl_load *lvols, int nrvols);