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* (C) Copyright 2008
* Benjamin Warren,
* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+
* netdev.h - definitions an prototypes for network devices
#ifndef _NETDEV_H_
#define _NETDEV_H_
* Board and CPU-specific initialization functions
* board_eth_init() has highest priority. cpu_eth_init() only
* gets called if board_eth_init() isn't instantiated or fails.
* Return values:
* 0: success
* -1: failure
int board_eth_init(bd_t *bis);
int cpu_eth_init(bd_t *bis);
/* Driver initialization prototypes */
int at91emac_register(bd_t *bis, unsigned long iobase);
int au1x00_enet_initialize(bd_t*);
int ax88180_initialize(bd_t *bis);
int bcm_sf2_eth_register(bd_t *bis, u8 dev_num);
int bfin_EMAC_initialize(bd_t *bis);
int calxedaxgmac_initialize(u32 id, ulong base_addr);
int cs8900_initialize(u8 dev_num, int base_addr);
int davinci_emac_initialize(void);
int dc21x4x_initialize(bd_t *bis);
int designware_initialize(ulong base_addr, u32 interface);
int dm9000_initialize(bd_t *bis);
int dnet_eth_initialize(int id, void *regs, unsigned int phy_addr);
int e1000_initialize(bd_t *bis);
int eepro100_initialize(bd_t *bis);
int enc28j60_initialize(unsigned int bus, unsigned int cs,
unsigned int max_hz, unsigned int mode);
int ep93xx_eth_initialize(u8 dev_num, int base_addr);
int eth_3com_initialize (bd_t * bis);
int ethoc_initialize(u8 dev_num, int base_addr);
int fec_initialize (bd_t *bis);
int fecmxc_initialize(bd_t *bis);
int fecmxc_initialize_multi(bd_t *bis, int dev_id, int phy_id, uint32_t addr);
int ftgmac100_initialize(bd_t *bits);
int ftmac100_initialize(bd_t *bits);
int ftmac110_initialize(bd_t *bits);
int greth_initialize(bd_t *bis);
void gt6426x_eth_initialize(bd_t *bis);
int ks8851_mll_initialize(u8 dev_num, int base_addr);
int lan91c96_initialize(u8 dev_num, int base_addr);
int lpc32xx_eth_initialize(bd_t *bis);
int macb_eth_initialize(int id, void *regs, unsigned int phy_addr);
int mcdmafec_initialize(bd_t *bis);
int mcffec_initialize(bd_t *bis);
int mpc512x_fec_initialize(bd_t *bis);
int mpc5xxx_fec_initialize(bd_t *bis);
int mpc82xx_scc_enet_initialize(bd_t *bis);
int mvgbe_initialize(bd_t *bis);
int mvneta_initialize(bd_t *bis, int base_addr, int devnum, int phy_addr);
int natsemi_initialize(bd_t *bis);
int ne2k_register(void);
int npe_initialize(bd_t *bis);
int ns8382x_initialize(bd_t *bis);
int pcnet_initialize(bd_t *bis);
int ppc_4xx_eth_initialize (bd_t *bis);
int rtl8139_initialize(bd_t *bis);
int rtl8169_initialize(bd_t *bis);
int scc_initialize(bd_t *bis);
int sh_eth_initialize(bd_t *bis);
int skge_initialize(bd_t *bis);
int smc91111_initialize(u8 dev_num, int base_addr);
int smc911x_initialize(u8 dev_num, int base_addr);
int tsi108_eth_initialize(bd_t *bis);
int uec_standard_init(bd_t *bis);
int uli526x_initialize(bd_t *bis);
int armada100_fec_register(unsigned long base_addr);
int xilinx_ll_temac_eth_init(bd_t *bis, unsigned long base_addr, int flags,
unsigned long ctrl_addr);
* As long as the Xilinx xps_ll_temac ethernet driver has not its own interface
* exported by a public hader file, we need a global definition at this point.
#define XILINX_LL_TEMAC_M_FIFO 0 /* use FIFO Ctrl */
#define XILINX_LL_TEMAC_M_SDMA_PLB (1 << 0)/* use SDMA Ctrl via PLB */
#define XILINX_LL_TEMAC_M_SDMA_DCR (1 << 1)/* use SDMA Ctrl via DCR */
/* Boards with PCI network controllers can call this from their board_eth_init()
* function to initialize whatever's on board.
* Return value is total # of devices found */
static inline int pci_eth_init(bd_t *bis)
int num = 0;
#ifdef CONFIG_EEPRO100
num += eepro100_initialize(bis);
num += dc21x4x_initialize(bis);
#ifdef CONFIG_E1000
num += e1000_initialize(bis);
num += pcnet_initialize(bis);
num += natsemi_initialize(bis);
#ifdef CONFIG_NS8382X
num += ns8382x_initialize(bis);
#if defined(CONFIG_RTL8139)
num += rtl8139_initialize(bis);
#if defined(CONFIG_RTL8169)
num += rtl8169_initialize(bis);
#if defined(CONFIG_ULI526X)
num += uli526x_initialize(bis);
#endif /* CONFIG_PCI */
return num;
struct mii_dev *fec_get_miibus(ulong base_addr, int dev_id);
struct phy_device;
int fec_probe(bd_t *bd, int dev_id, uint32_t base_addr,
struct mii_dev *bus, struct phy_device *phydev);
* Allow FEC to fine-tune MII configuration on boards which require this.
int fecmxc_register_mii_postcall(struct eth_device *dev, int (*cb)(int));
#endif /* _NETDEV_H_ */