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* (C) Copyright 2011 - 2012 Samsung Electronics
* EXT4 filesystem implementation in Uboot by
* Uma Shankar <>
* Manjunatha C Achar <>
* Data structures and headers for ext4 support have been taken from
* ext2 ls load support in Uboot
* (C) Copyright 2004
* esd gmbh <>
* Reinhard Arlt <>
* based on code from grub2 fs/ext2.c and fs/fshelp.c by
* GRUB -- GRand Unified Bootloader
* Copyright (C) 2003, 2004 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+
#ifndef __EXT_COMMON__
#define __EXT_COMMON__
#include <command.h>
#define SECTOR_SIZE 0x200
/* Magic value used to identify an ext2 filesystem. */
#define EXT2_MAGIC 0xEF53
/* Amount of indirect blocks in an inode. */
/* Maximum lenght of a pathname. */
#define EXT2_PATH_MAX 4096
/* Maximum nesting of symlinks, used to prevent a loop. */
/* Filetype used in directory entry. */
#define FILETYPE_REG 1
/* Filetype information as used in inodes. */
#define FILETYPE_INO_MASK 0170000
#define FILETYPE_INO_REG 0100000
#define FILETYPE_INO_SYMLINK 0120000
#define EXT2_ROOT_INO 2 /* Root inode */
/* The size of an ext2 block in bytes. */
#define EXT2_BLOCK_SIZE(data) (1 << LOG2_BLOCK_SIZE(data))
/* Log2 size of ext2 block in bytes. */
#define LOG2_BLOCK_SIZE(data) (le32_to_cpu \
(data->sblock.log2_block_size) \
#define EXT2_FT_DIR 2
#define SUCCESS 1
/* Macro-instructions used to manage several block sizes */
#define EXT2_MIN_BLOCK_LOG_SIZE 10 /* 1024 */
#define EXT2_MAX_BLOCK_LOG_SIZE 16 /* 65536 */
/* The ext2 superblock. */
struct ext2_sblock {
__le32 total_inodes;
__le32 total_blocks;
__le32 reserved_blocks;
__le32 free_blocks;
__le32 free_inodes;
__le32 first_data_block;
__le32 log2_block_size;
__le32 log2_fragment_size;
__le32 blocks_per_group;
__le32 fragments_per_group;
__le32 inodes_per_group;
__le32 mtime;
__le32 utime;
__le16 mnt_count;
__le16 max_mnt_count;
__le16 magic;
__le16 fs_state;
__le16 error_handling;
__le16 minor_revision_level;
__le32 lastcheck;
__le32 checkinterval;
__le32 creator_os;
__le32 revision_level;
__le16 uid_reserved;
__le16 gid_reserved;
__le32 first_inode;
__le16 inode_size;
__le16 block_group_number;
__le32 feature_compatibility;
__le32 feature_incompat;
__le32 feature_ro_compat;
__le32 unique_id[4];
char volume_name[16];
char last_mounted_on[64];
__le32 compression_info;
uint8_t prealloc_blocks;
uint8_t prealloc_dir_blocks;
__le16 reserved_gdt_blocks;
uint8_t journal_uuid[16];
__le32 journal_inode;
__le32 journal_dev;
__le32 last_orphan;
__le32 hash_seed[4];
uint8_t default_hash_version;
uint8_t journal_backup_type;
__le16 descriptor_size;
__le32 default_mount_options;
__le32 first_meta_block_group;
__le32 mkfs_time;
__le32 journal_blocks[17];
__le32 total_blocks_high;
__le32 reserved_blocks_high;
__le32 free_blocks_high;
__le16 min_extra_inode_size;
__le16 want_extra_inode_size;
__le32 flags;
__le16 raid_stride;
__le16 mmp_interval;
__le64 mmp_block;
__le32 raid_stripe_width;
uint8_t log2_groups_per_flex;
uint8_t checksum_type;
struct ext2_block_group {
__le32 block_id; /* Blocks bitmap block */
__le32 inode_id; /* Inodes bitmap block */
__le32 inode_table_id; /* Inodes table block */
__le16 free_blocks; /* Free blocks count */
__le16 free_inodes; /* Free inodes count */
__le16 used_dir_cnt; /* Directories count */
__le16 bg_flags;
__le32 bg_exclude_bitmap;
__le16 bg_block_id_csum;
__le16 bg_inode_id_csum;
__le16 bg_itable_unused; /* Unused inodes count */
__le16 bg_checksum; /* crc16(s_uuid+group_num+group_desc)*/
/* following fields only exist if descriptor size is 64 */
__le32 block_id_high;
__le32 inode_id_high;
__le32 inode_table_id_high;
__le16 free_blocks_high;
__le16 free_inodes_high;
__le16 used_dir_cnt_high;
__le16 bg_itable_unused_high;
__le32 bg_exclude_bitmap_high;
__le16 bg_block_id_csum_high;
__le16 bg_inode_id_csum_high;
__le32 bg_reserved;
/* The ext2 inode. */
struct ext2_inode {
__le16 mode;
__le16 uid;
__le32 size;
__le32 atime;
__le32 ctime;
__le32 mtime;
__le32 dtime;
__le16 gid;
__le16 nlinks;
__le32 blockcnt; /* Blocks of either 512 or block_size bytes */
__le32 flags;
__le32 osd1;
union {
struct datablocks {
__le32 dir_blocks[INDIRECT_BLOCKS];
__le32 indir_block;
__le32 double_indir_block;
__le32 triple_indir_block;
} blocks;
char symlink[60];
char inline_data[60];
} b;
__le32 version;
__le32 acl;
__le32 size_high; /* previously dir_acl, but never used */
__le32 fragment_addr;
__le32 osd2[3];
/* The header of an ext2 directory entry. */
struct ext2_dirent {
__le32 inode;
__le16 direntlen;
__u8 namelen;
__u8 filetype;
struct ext2fs_node {
struct ext2_data *data;
struct ext2_inode inode;
int ino;
int inode_read;
/* Information about a "mounted" ext2 filesystem. */
struct ext2_data {
struct ext2_sblock sblock;
struct ext2_inode *inode;
struct ext2fs_node diropen;
extern lbaint_t part_offset;
int do_ext2ls(cmd_tbl_t *cmdtp, int flag, int argc, char * const argv[]);
int do_ext2load(cmd_tbl_t *cmdtp, int flag, int argc, char * const argv[]);
int do_ext4_load(cmd_tbl_t *cmdtp, int flag, int argc,
char *const argv[]);
int do_ext4_ls(cmd_tbl_t *cmdtp, int flag, int argc, char *const argv[]);
int do_ext4_write(cmd_tbl_t *cmdtp, int flag, int argc,
char *const argv[]);