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* (C) Copyright 2012
* Joe Hershberger, National Instruments,
* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+
#ifndef __ENV_ATTR_H__
#define __ENV_ATTR_H__
#define ENV_ATTR_SEP ':'
* env_attr_walk takes as input an "attr_list" that takes the form:
* attributes = [^,:\s]*
* entry = name[:attributes]
* list = entry[,list]
* It will call the "callback" function with the "name" and "attributes"
* The callback may return a non-0 to abort the list walk.
* This return value will be passed through to the caller.
* 0 is returned on success.
int env_attr_walk(const char *attr_list,
int (*callback)(const char *name, const char *attributes, void *priv),
void *priv);
* env_attr_lookup takes as input an "attr_list" with the same form as above.
* It also takes as input a "name" to look for.
* If the name is found in the list, it's value is copied into "attributes".
* There is no protection on attributes being too small for the value.
* It returns -1 if attributes is NULL, 1 if "name" is not found, 2 if
* "attr_list" is NULL.
* Returns 0 on success.
int env_attr_lookup(const char *attr_list, const char *name, char *attributes);
#endif /* __ENV_ATTR_H__ */