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This README is about U-Boot support for TI's ARM 926EJS based family of SoCs.
These SOCs are used for cameras, video security and surveillance, DVR's, etc.
DaVinci SOC's comprise of DM644x, DM646x, DM35x and DM36x series of SOC's
Additionally there are some SOCs meant for the audio market which though have
an OMAP part number are very similar to the DaVinci series of SOC's
Additionally, some family members contain a TI DSP and/or graphics
co processors along with a host of other peripherals.
Currently the following boards are supported:
* TI DaVinci DM644x EVM
* TI DaVinci DM646x EVM
* TI DaVinci DM355 EVM
* TI DaVinci DM365 EVM
* TI DA830 EVM
* TI DA850 EVM
* DM355 based Leopard board
* DM644x based schmoogie board
* DM644x based sffsdr board
* DM644x based sonata board
* TI DaVinci DM644x EVM:
make davinci_dvevm_config
* TI DaVinci DM646x EVM:
make davinci_dm6467evm_config
* TI DaVinci DM355 EVM:
make davinci_dm355evm_config
* TI DaVinci DM365 EVM:
make davinci_dm365evm_config
* TI DA830 EVM:
make da830evm_config
* TI DA850 EVM:
make da850evm_config
* DM355 based Leopard board:
make davinci_dm355leopard_config
* DM644x based schmoogie board:
make davinci_schmoogie_config
* DM644x based sffsdr board:
make davinci_sffsdr_config
* DM644x based sonata board:
make davinci_sonata_config
The DaVinci SOC's use 2 bootloaders. The low level initialization
is done by a UBL(user boot loader). The UBL is written to a NAND/NOR/SPI flash
by a programmer. During initial bootup, the ROM Bootloader reads the UBL
from a storage device and loads it into the IRAM. The UBL then loads the U-Boot
into the RAM.
The programmers and UBL are always released as part of any standard TI
software release associated with an SOC.
Alternative boot method (DA850 EVM only):
For the DA850 EVM an SPL (secondary program loader, see doc/README.SPL)
is provided to load U-Boot directly from SPI flash. In this case, the
SPL does the low level initialization that is otherwise done by the SPL.
To build U-Boot with this SPL, do
make da850evm_config
make u-boot.ais
and program the resulting u-boot.ais file to the SPI flash of the DA850 EVM.
Environment Variables
The DA850 EVM allows the user to specify the maximum cpu clock allowed by the
silicon, in Hz, via an environment variable "maxcpuclk".
The maximum clock rate allowed depends on the silicon populated on the EVM.
Please make sure you understand the restrictions placed on this clock in the
device specific datasheet before setting up this variable. This information is
passed to the Linux kernel using the ATAG_REVISION atag.
If "maxcpuclk" is not defined, the configuration CONFIG_DA850_EVM_MAX_CPU_CLK
is used to obtain this information.
1) TI DaVinci DM355 EVM:
2) TI DaVinci DM365 EVM:
3) DaVinci DM355 based leopard board
4) TI DaVinci DM6467 EVM:
5) TI DaVinci DM6446 EVM:
6) TI DA830 EVM
7) TI DA850 EVM
Davinci special defines
CONFIG_SYS_DV_NOR_BOOT_CFG: AM18xx based boards, booting in NOR Boot mode
need a "NOR Boot Configuration Word" stored
in the NOR Flash. This define adds this.
More Info about this, see:
spraba5a.pdf chapter 3.1