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* Gumstix Pepper and AM335x-based boards information header
* Copyright (C) 2014, Gumstix, Inc. -
* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+
#ifndef _BOARD_H_
#define _BOARD_H_
#define GUMSTIX_PEPPER 0x30000200
#define GUMSTIX_PEPPER_DVI 0x31000200
struct pepper_board_id {
unsigned int device_vendor;
unsigned char revision;
unsigned char content;
char fab_revision[8];
char env_var[16];
char en_setting[64];
* We must be able to enable uart0, for initial output. We then have a
* main pinmux function that can be overridden to enable all other pinmux that
* is required on the board.
void enable_uart0_pin_mux(void);
void enable_board_pin_mux(void);
void enable_i2c0_pin_mux(void);