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* Copyright 2011 Freescale Semiconductor
* Author: Shengzhou Liu <>
* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+
* This file provides support for the QIXIS of some Freescale reference boards.
#ifndef __QIXIS_H_
#define __QIXIS_H_
struct qixis {
u8 id; /* ID value uniquely identifying each QDS board type */
u8 arch; /* Board version information */
u8 scver; /* QIXIS Version Register */
u8 model; /* Information of software programming model version */
u8 tagdata;
u8 ctl_sys;
u8 aux; /* Auxiliary Register,0x06 */
u8 clk_spd;
u8 stat_dut;
u8 stat_sys;
u8 stat_alrm;
u8 present;
u8 present2; /* Presence Status Register 2,0x0c */
u8 rcw_ctl;
u8 ctl_led;
u8 i2cblk;
u8 rcfg_ctl; /* Reconfig Control Register,0x10 */
u8 rcfg_st;
u8 dcm_ad;
u8 dcm_da;
u8 dcmd;
u8 dmsg;
u8 gdc;
u8 gdd; /* DCM Debug Data Register,0x17 */
u8 dmack;
u8 res1[6];
u8 watch; /* Watchdog Register,0x1F */
u8 pwr_ctl[2]; /* Power Control Register,0x20 */
u8 res2[2];
u8 pwr_stat[4]; /* Power Status Register,0x24 */
u8 res3[8];
u8 clk_spd2[2]; /* SYSCLK clock Speed Register,0x30 */
u8 res4[2];
u8 sclk[3]; /* Clock Configuration Registers,0x34 */
u8 res5;
u8 dclk[3];
u8 res6;
u8 clk_dspd[3];
u8 res7;
u8 rst_ctl; /* Reset Control Register,0x40 */
u8 rst_stat; /* Reset Status Register */
u8 rst_rsn; /* Reset Reason Register */
u8 rst_frc[2]; /* Reset Force Registers,0x43 */
u8 res8[11];
u8 brdcfg[16]; /* Board Configuration Register,0x50 */
u8 dutcfg[16];
u8 rcw_ad[2]; /* RCW SRAM Address Registers,0x70 */
u8 rcw_data;
u8 res9[5];
u8 post_ctl;
u8 post_stat;
u8 post_dat[2];
u8 pi_d[4];
u8 gpio_io[4];
u8 gpio_dir[4];
u8 res10[20];
u8 rjtag_ctl;
u8 rjtag_dat;
u8 res11[2];
u8 trig_src[4];
u8 trig_dst[4];
u8 trig_stat;
u8 res12[3];
u8 trig_ctr[4];
u8 res13[16];
u8 clk_freq[6]; /* Clock Measurement Registers */
u8 res_c6[8];
u8 clk_base[2]; /* Clock Frequency Base Reg */
u8 res_d0[8];
u8 cms[2]; /* Core Management Space Address Register, 0xD8 */
u8 res_c0[6];
u8 aux2[4]; /* Auxiliary Registers,0xE0 */
u8 res14[10];
u8 aux_ad;
u8 aux_da;
u8 res15[16];
u8 qixis_read(unsigned int reg);
void qixis_write(unsigned int reg, u8 value);
u16 qixis_read_minor(void);
char *qixis_read_time(char *result);
char *qixis_read_tag(char *buf);
const char *byte_to_binary_mask(u8 val, u8 mask, char *buf);
u8 qixis_read_i2c(unsigned int reg);
void qixis_write_i2c(unsigned int reg, u8 value);
#define QIXIS_READ(reg) qixis_read_i2c(offsetof(struct qixis, reg))
#define QIXIS_WRITE(reg, value) \
qixis_write_i2c(offsetof(struct qixis, reg), value)
#define QIXIS_READ(reg) qixis_read(offsetof(struct qixis, reg))
#define QIXIS_WRITE(reg, value) qixis_write(offsetof(struct qixis, reg), value)
#define QIXIS_READ_I2C(reg) qixis_read_i2c(offsetof(struct qixis, reg))
#define QIXIS_WRITE_I2C(reg, value) \
qixis_write_i2c(offsetof(struct qixis, reg), value)
/* Use for SDHC adapter card type identification and operation */
#define QIXIS_SDID_MASK 0x07
#define QIXIS_ESDHC_ADAPTER_TYPE_EMMC45 0x1 /* eMMC Card Rev4.5 */
#define QIXIS_ESDHC_ADAPTER_TYPE_EMMC44 0x3 /* eMMC Card Rev4.4 */
#define QIXIS_ESDHC_ADAPTER_TYPE_RSV 0x4 /* Reserved */
#define QIXIS_ESDHC_ADAPTER_TYPE_SD 0x6 /* SD Card Rev2.0 3.0 */
#define QIXIS_ESDHC_NO_ADAPTER 0x7 /* No Card is Present*/
#define QIXIS_SDCLKIN 0x08
#define QIXIS_SDCLKOUT 0x02
#define QIXIS_DAT5_6_7 0X02
#define QIXIS_DAT4 0X01
#define QIXIS_EVDD_BY_SDHC_VS 0x0c