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This document covers various features of the 'BAV335x' board build.
For more information about this board, visit
The binary produced supports the bav335x Rev.A with 10/100 MB PHY
and Rev.B (default) with GB ethernet PHY.
If the BAV335x EEPROM is populated and programmed, the board will
automatically detect the version and extract proper serial# and
mac address from the EE.
The following blocks are required:
- I2C, to talk with the PMIC and ensure that we do not run afoul of
errata 1.0.24.
When removing options as part of customization,
CONFIG_EXTRA_ENV_SETTINGS will need additional care to update for your
needs and to remove no longer relevant options as in some cases we
define additional text blocks (such as for NAND or DFU strings). Also
note that all of the SPL options are grouped together, rather than with
the IP blocks, so both areas will need their choices updated to reflect
the custom design.