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The uCP1020 product family (ucp1020) is an Arcturus Networks Inc. System on Modules
product featuring a Freescale P1020 CPU, optionally populated with 1, 2 or 3 Gig-Ethernet PHYs,
DDR3, NOR Flash, eMMC NAND Flash and/or SPI Flash.
Information on the generic product family can be found here:
The UCP1020 several configurable options
- the selection of populated phy(s):
KSZ9031 (current default for eTSEC 1 and 3)
- the selection of boot location:
SPI Flash or NOR flash
The UCP1020 includes 2 default configurations
NOR boot image:
SPI boot image:
The UCP1020 adds an additional command in cmd_arc.c to access and program
SPI resident factory defaults for serial number, and 1, 2 or 3 Ethernet
HW Addresses.
Build example
make distclean
make UCP1020_defconfig
Default Scripts
A default upgrade scripts is included in the default environment variable example:
B$ run tftpflash
Dual Environment
This build enables dual / failover environment environment.
NOR Flash Partition declarations and scripts
Several scripts are available to allow TFTP of images and programming directly
into defined NOR flash partitions. Examples:
B$ run program0
B$ run program1
B$ run program2