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# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+
# Copyright (c) 2016 Google, Inc
# Written by Simon Glass <>
# Class for an image, the output of binman
from __future__ import print_function
from collections import OrderedDict
from operator import attrgetter
import re
import sys
import fdt_util
import bsection
import tools
class Image:
"""A Image, representing an output from binman
An image is comprised of a collection of entries each containing binary
data. The image size must be large enough to hold all of this data.
This class implements the various operations needed for images.
_node: Node object that contains the image definition in device tree
_name: Image name
_size: Image size in bytes, or None if not known yet
_filename: Output filename for image
_sections: Sections present in this image (may be one or more)
test: True if this is being called from a test of Images. This this case
there is no device tree defining the structure of the section, so
we create a section manually.
def __init__(self, name, node, test=False):
self._node = node
self._name = name
self._size = None
self._filename = '%s.bin' % self._name
if test:
self._section = bsection.Section('main-section', None, self._node,
self, True)
def _ReadNode(self):
"""Read properties from the image node"""
self._size = fdt_util.GetInt(self._node, 'size')
filename = fdt_util.GetString(self._node, 'filename')
if filename:
self._filename = filename
self._section = bsection.Section('main-section', None, self._node, self)
def GetFdtSet(self):
"""Get the set of device tree files used by this image"""
return self._section.GetFdtSet()
def ExpandEntries(self):
"""Expand out any entries which have calculated sub-entries
Some entries are expanded out at runtime, e.g. 'files', which produces
a section containing a list of files. Process these entries so that
this information is added to the device tree.
def AddMissingProperties(self):
"""Add properties that are not present in the device tree
When binman has completed packing the entries the offset and size of
each entry are known. But before this the device tree may not specify
these. Add any missing properties, with a dummy value, so that the
size of the entry is correct. That way we can insert the correct values
def ProcessFdt(self, fdt):
"""Allow entries to adjust the device tree
Some entries need to adjust the device tree for their purposes. This
may involve adding or deleting properties.
return self._section.ProcessFdt(fdt)
def GetEntryContents(self):
"""Call ObtainContents() for the section
def GetEntryOffsets(self):
"""Handle entries that want to set the offset/size of other entries
This calls each entry's GetOffsets() method. If it returns a list
of entries to update, it updates them.
def PackEntries(self):
"""Pack all entries into the image"""
def CheckSize(self):
"""Check that the image contents does not exceed its size, etc."""
self._size = self._section.CheckSize()
def CheckEntries(self):
"""Check that entries do not overlap or extend outside the image"""
def SetCalculatedProperties(self):
def SetImagePos(self):
def ProcessEntryContents(self):
"""Call the ProcessContents() method for each entry
This is intended to adjust the contents as needed by the entry type.
def WriteSymbols(self):
"""Write symbol values into binary files for access at run time"""
def BuildImage(self):
"""Write the image to a file"""
fname = tools.GetOutputFilename(self._filename)
with open(fname, 'wb') as fd:
self._section.BuildSection(fd, 0)
def GetEntries(self):
return self._section.GetEntries()
def WriteMap(self):
"""Write a map of the image to a .map file
Filename of map file written
filename = '' % self._name
fname = tools.GetOutputFilename(filename)
with open(fname, 'w') as fd:
print('%8s %8s %8s %s' % ('ImagePos', 'Offset', 'Size', 'Name'),
self._section.WriteMap(fd, 0)
return fname