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# Generic Trusted Execution Environment Configuration
config TEE
bool "Trusted Execution Environment support"
depends on (ARM && (ARM64 || CPU_V7A)) || SANDBOX
select ARM_SMCCC if ARM
This implements a generic interface towards a Trusted Execution
Environment (TEE). A TEE is a trusted OS running in some secure
environment, for example, TrustZone on ARM cpus, or a separate
secure co-processor etc. See also:
if TEE
menu "TEE drivers"
bool "Sandbox TEE emulator"
depends on SANDBOX
default y
This emulates a generic TEE needed for testing including the AVB
TA. The emulation provides all callbacks of a regular TEE and
supports session and shared memory management. The AVB TA is
emulated with rollback indexes and device lock-state, the state
of the TA is only kept in RAM and will be reset on each boot.
The emulation only supports one open session at a time.
Interaction from the U-Boot command line in possible via the
"avb" commands.
source "drivers/tee/optee/Kconfig"