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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL 2.0+ OR BSD-3-Clause */
* Copyright (c) Thomas Gleixner <>
#include "../ubi/ubi-media.h"
#include "ubi-wrapper.h"
* The maximum number of volume ids we scan. So you can load volume id
* The size of the read buffer for the fastmap blocks. In theory up to
* one or two blocks.
* The size of the bitmaps for the attach/ scan
* The maximum number of logical erase blocks per loadable volume
* The bitmap size for the above to denote the found blocks inside the volume
* struct ubi_vol_info - UBISPL internal volume represenation
* @last_block: The last block (highest LEB) found for this volume
* @found: Bitmap to mark found LEBS
* @lebs_to_pebs: LEB to PEB translation table
struct ubi_vol_info {
u32 last_block;
unsigned long found[UBI_VOL_BM_SIZE];
u32 lebs_to_pebs[UBI_MAX_VOL_LEBS];
* struct ubi_scan_info - UBISPL internal data for FM attach and full scan
* @read: Read function to access the flash provided by the caller
* @peb_count: Number of physical erase blocks in the UBI FLASH area
* aka MTD partition.
* @peb_offset: Offset of PEB0 in the UBI FLASH area (aka MTD partition)
* to the real start of the FLASH in erase blocks.
* @fsize_mb: Size of the scanned FLASH area in MB (stats only)
* @vid_offset: Offset from the start of a PEB to the VID header
* @leb_start: Offset from the start of a PEB to the data area
* @leb_size: Size of the data area
* @fastmap_pebs: Counter of PEBs "attached" by fastmap
* @fastmap_anchor: The anchor PEB of the fastmap
* @fm_sb: The fastmap super block data
* @fm_vh: The fastmap VID header
* @fm: Pointer to the fastmap layout
* @fm_layout: The fastmap layout itself
* @fm_pool: The pool of PEBs to scan at fastmap attach time
* @fm_wl_pool: The pool of PEBs scheduled for wearleveling
* @fm_enabled: Indicator whether fastmap attachment is enabled.
* @fm_used: Bitmap to indicate the PEBS covered by fastmap
* @scanned: Bitmap to indicate the PEBS of which the VID header
* hase been physically scanned.
* @corrupt: Bitmap to indicate corrupt blocks
* @toload: Bitmap to indicate the volumes which should be loaded
* @blockinfo: The vid headers of the scanned blocks
* @volinfo: The volume information of the interesting (toload)
* volumes
* @fm_buf: The large fastmap attach buffer
struct ubi_scan_info {
ubispl_read_flash read;
unsigned int fsize_mb;
unsigned int peb_count;
unsigned int peb_offset;
unsigned long vid_offset;
unsigned long leb_start;
unsigned long leb_size;
/* Fastmap: The upstream required fields */
int fastmap_pebs;
int fastmap_anchor;
size_t fm_size;
struct ubi_fm_sb fm_sb;
struct ubi_vid_hdr fm_vh;
struct ubi_fastmap_layout *fm;
struct ubi_fastmap_layout fm_layout;
struct ubi_fm_pool fm_pool;
struct ubi_fm_pool fm_wl_pool;
/* Fastmap: UBISPL specific data */
int fm_enabled;
unsigned long fm_used[UBI_FM_BM_SIZE];
unsigned long scanned[UBI_FM_BM_SIZE];
unsigned long corrupt[UBI_FM_BM_SIZE];
unsigned long toload[UBI_FM_BM_SIZE];
/* Data for storing the VID and volume information */
struct ubi_vol_info volinfo[UBI_SPL_VOL_IDS];
struct ubi_vid_hdr blockinfo[CONFIG_SPL_UBI_MAX_PEBS];
/* The large buffer for the fastmap */
uint8_t fm_buf[UBI_FM_BUF_SIZE];
#ifdef CFG_DEBUG
#define ubi_dbg(fmt, ...) printf("UBI: debug:" fmt "\n", ##__VA_ARGS__)
#define ubi_dbg(fmt, ...)
#define ubi_msg(fmt, ...)
#define ubi_msg(fmt, ...) printf("UBI: " fmt "\n", ##__VA_ARGS__)
/* UBI warning messages */
#define ubi_warn(fmt, ...) printf("UBI warning: " fmt "\n", ##__VA_ARGS__)
/* UBI error messages */
#define ubi_err(fmt, ...) printf("UBI error: " fmt "\n", ##__VA_ARGS__)