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* Copyright (c) 2017-2019, ARM Limited and Contributors. All rights reserved.
* SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-3-Clause
#include <drivers/console.h>
* This macro encapsulates the common setup that has to be done at the end of
* a console driver's register function. It will register all of the driver's
* callbacks in the console_t structure and initialize the flags field (by
* default consoles are enabled for the "boot" and "crash" states, this can be
* changed after registration with the console_set_scope() function). It ends
* with a tail call that will include return to the caller.
* REQUIRES console_t pointer in x0 and a valid return address in x30.
.macro finish_console_register _driver, putc=0, getc=0, flush=0
* If any of the callback is not specified or set as 0, then the
* corresponding callback entry in console_t is set to 0.
.ifne \putc
adrp x1, console_\_driver\()_putc
add x1, x1, :lo12:console_\_driver\()_putc
str x1, [x0, #CONSOLE_T_PUTC]
str xzr, [x0, #CONSOLE_T_PUTC]
.ifne \getc
adrp x1, console_\_driver\()_getc
add x1, x1, :lo12:console_\_driver\()_getc
str x1, [x0, #CONSOLE_T_GETC]
str xzr, [x0, #CONSOLE_T_GETC]
.ifne \flush
adrp x1, console_\_driver\()_flush
add x1, x1, :lo12:console_\_driver\()_flush
str x1, [x0, #CONSOLE_T_FLUSH]
str xzr, [x0, #CONSOLE_T_FLUSH]
str x1, [x0, #CONSOLE_T_FLAGS]
b console_register
#endif /* CONSOLE_MACROS_S */