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Socionext Synquacer
Socionext's Synquacer SC2A11 is a multi-core processor with 24 cores of Arm
Cortex-A53. The Developerbox, of 96boards, is a platform that contains this
processor. This port of the Trusted Firmware only supports this platform at
the moment.
More information are listed in `link`_.
How to build
Code Locations
- Trusted Firmware-A:
`link <>`__
- edk2:
`link <>`__
- edk2-platforms:
`link <>`__
- edk2-non-osi:
`link <>`__
Boot Flow
SCP firmware --> TF-A BL31 --> UEFI(edk2)
Build Procedure
- Firstly, in addition to the “normal” build tools you will also need a
few specialist tools. On a Debian or Ubuntu operating system try:
.. code:: shell
sudo apt install acpica-tools device-tree-compiler uuid-dev
- Secondly, create a new working directory and store the absolute path to this
directory in an environment variable, WORKSPACE. It does not matter where
this directory is created but as an example:
.. code:: shell
export WORKSPACE=$HOME/build/developerbox-firmware
mkdir -p $WORKSPACE
- Run the following commands to clone the source code:
.. code:: shell
git clone -b master
git clone -b master
git clone -b master
git clone -b master
- Build ATF:
.. code:: shell
cd $WORKSPACE/arm-trusted-firmware
make -j`nproc` PLAT=synquacer PRELOADED_BL33_BASE=0x8200000 bl31 fiptool
tools/fiptool/fiptool create \
--tb-fw ./build/synquacer/release/bl31.bin \
--soc-fw ./build/synquacer/release/bl31.bin \
--scp-fw ./build/synquacer/release/bl31.bin \
- Build EDK2:
.. code:: shell
export PACKAGES_PATH=$WORKSPACE/edk2:$WORKSPACE/edk2-platforms:$WORKSPACE/edk2-non-osi
export ACTIVE_PLATFORM="Platform/Socionext/DeveloperBox/DeveloperBox.dsc"
export GCC5_AARCH64_PREFIX=aarch64-linux-gnu-
unset ARCH
. edk2/
make -C edk2/BaseTools
build -p $ACTIVE_PLATFORM -b RELEASE -a AARCH64 -t GCC5 -n `nproc` -D DO_X86EMU=TRUE
- The firmware image, which comprises the option ROM, ARM trusted firmware and
EDK2 itself, can be found $WORKSPACE/../Build/DeveloperBox/RELEASE_GCC5/FV/.
SPI_NOR_IMAGE.fd for the serial flasher.
Note #1: -t GCC5 can be loosely translated as “enable link-time-optimization”;
any version of gcc >= 5 will support this feature and may be used to build EDK2.
Note #2: Replace -b RELEASE with -b DEBUG to build a debug.
Install the System Firmware
- Providing your Developerbox is fully working and has on operating system
installed then you can adopt your the newly compiled system firmware using
the capsule update method:.
.. code:: shell
sudo apt install fwupdate
sudo fwupdate --apply {50b94ce5-8b63-4849-8af4-ea479356f0e3} \
sudo reboot
- Alternatively you can install SPI_NOR_IMAGE.fd using the `board recovery method`_.
.. _link:
.. _board recovery method: