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Marvell IO WIN address decoding bindings
IO Window configration driver (2nd stage address translation) for Marvell Armada 8K and 8K+ SoCs.
The IO WIN includes a description of the address decoding configuration.
Transactions that are decoded by CCU windows as IO peripheral, have an additional
layer of decoding. This additional address decoding layer defines one of the
following targets:
0x0 = BootRom
0x1 = STM (Serial Trace Macro-cell, a programmer's port into trace stream)
0x2 = SPI direct access
0x3 = PCIe registers
0x4 = MCI Port
0x5 = PCIe port
Mandatory functions:
- marvell_get_io_win_memory_map
returns the IO windows configuration and the number of windows
of the specific AP.
Mandatory structures:
io_win_memory_map - Array that include the configuration of the windows
every window/entry is a struct which has 3 parameters:
- Base address of the window
- Size of the window
- Target-ID of the window
struct addr_map_win io_win_memory_map[] = {
{0x00000000fe000000, 0x000000001f00000, PCIE_PORT_TID}, /* PCIe window 31Mb for PCIe port*/
{0x00000000ffe00000, 0x000000000100000, PCIE_REGS_TID}, /* PCI-REG window 64Kb for PCIe-reg*/
{0x00000000f6000000, 0x000000000100000, MCIPHY_TID}, /* MCI window 1Mb for PHY-reg*/