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Marvell CCU address decoding bindings
CCU configration driver (1st stage address translation) for Marvell Armada 8K and 8K+ SoCs.
The CCU node includes a description of the address decoding configuration.
Mandatory functions:
- marvell_get_ccu_memory_map
return the CCU windows configuration and the number of windows
of the specific AP.
Mandatory structures:
ccu_memory_map - Array that includes the configuration of the windows
every window/entry is a struct which has 3 parameters:
- Base address of the window
- Size of the window
- Target-ID of the window
struct addr_map_win ccu_memory_map[] = {
{0x00000000f2000000, 0x00000000e000000, IO_0_TID}, /* IO window */