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* Copyright (c) 2018, ARM Limited and Contributors. All rights reserved.
* SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-3-Clause
#include <assert.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <arch_helpers.h>
#include <common/bl_common.h>
#include <common/debug.h>
#include <common/image_decompress.h>
static uintptr_t decompressor_buf_base;
static uint32_t decompressor_buf_size;
static decompressor_t *decompressor;
static struct image_info saved_image_info;
void image_decompress_init(uintptr_t buf_base, uint32_t buf_size,
decompressor_t *_decompressor)
decompressor_buf_base = buf_base;
decompressor_buf_size = buf_size;
decompressor = _decompressor;
void image_decompress_prepare(struct image_info *info)
* If the image is compressed, it should be loaded into the temporary
* buffer instead of its final destination. We save image_info, then
* override ->image_base and ->image_max_size so that load_image() will
* transfer the compressed data to the temporary buffer.
saved_image_info = *info;
info->image_base = decompressor_buf_base;
info->image_max_size = decompressor_buf_size;
int image_decompress(struct image_info *info)
uintptr_t compressed_image_base, image_base, work_base;
uint32_t compressed_image_size, work_size;
int ret;
* The size of compressed data has been filled by load_image().
* Read it out before restoring image_info.
compressed_image_size = info->image_size;
compressed_image_base = info->image_base;
*info = saved_image_info;
assert(compressed_image_size <= decompressor_buf_size);
image_base = info->image_base;
* Use the rest of the temporary buffer as workspace of the
* decompressor since the decompressor may need additional memory.
work_base = compressed_image_base + compressed_image_size;
work_size = decompressor_buf_size - compressed_image_size;
ret = decompressor(&compressed_image_base, compressed_image_size,
&image_base, info->image_max_size,
work_base, work_size);
if (ret) {
ERROR("Failed to decompress image (err=%d)\n", ret);
return ret;
/* image_base is updated to the final pos when decompressor() exits. */
info->image_size = image_base - info->image_base;
flush_dcache_range(info->image_base, info->image_size);
return 0;