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- type (string like caps) channels/x-mpegts-pat
- GstStructure to describe the what the list is, name, where from etc. (how many entries you can select, if multiple tried, first one picked)
- method to list entries (channels)
- method to get current entries
- method to set list of entries
- each entry contains an id (32 bit int say), GstStructure (with additional stuff)
signals to say when entry list changes
to say when current entry changes
So for a transport stream, this interface would be exported and it could contain a list of it would export PAT, and PAT list would contain interfaces in the GstStructure for the PMT.
dvbsrc -> list of frequencies
flutsdemux -> list of programs (PAT) and list of PMT streams per program
get list of frequencies, select frequency
get list of programs, select programs
get list of streams, select streams
only give program details in PAT list, when we have seen the PMT for that program.
possibly another interface to select multiple list interfaces from an element. (interface selector interface)
other option is to tag