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Use cases for audio applications
* find start and end -x dB boundary
* find overall volume for complete track (peak/RMS/average)
* do level-triggered playback
Given a long audio file and a .cue file:
- an element should be able to read an audio input stream and a cue input
stream and send new-media events based on the .cue file information
- a audiocdsink should be able to record this stream straight to disk
Use cases for core functionality
* { sinesrc } ! { queue ! osssink }
- play thread
- pause input thread
- output thread should keep playing as long as queue not empty
- play input thread again
- no gaps should be heard
Use cases for video applications
- load file
- figure out if it's playable
- ask length of file
- seek to middle
- snapshot one frame
- save to disk