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Buffers should have readlocks and writelocks to enforce
GST_BUFFER_DONTKEEP and relax the restriction that buffers with
multiple refcounts are read-only.
videotestsrc ! ximagesink
videotestsrc requests a buffer from its src pad
ximagesink creates a buffer (refcount:1 readlock:0 writelock:0)
videotestsrc writelocks it (refcount:1 readlock:0 writelock:1)
videotestsrc writes to the buffer
videotestsrc un-writelocks it (refcount:1 readlock:0 writelock:0)
ximagesink readlocks it (refcount:1 readlock:1 writelock:0)
ximagesink writes it to the screen
ximagesink un-readlocks it (refcount:1 readlock:0 writelock:0)