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Document: gstreamer-1.0-pwg
Title: GStreamer Plugin Writer's Guide
Author: Richard John Boulton, Erik Walthinsen, Steve Baker, Leif Johnson, Ronald S. Bultje
Abstract: This guide is intended to help you understand the GStreamer
framework so you can develop new plugins to extend the existing functionality.
The guide addresses most issues by following the development of an example
audio filter plugin, written in C. The later parts of the guide also present
some issues involved in writing other types of plugins, and the end of the
guide describes some of the Python bindings for GStreamer.
Section: Programming
Format: HTML
Files: /usr/share/doc/gstreamer1.0-doc/pwg/html/*.html
Index: /usr/share/doc/gstreamer1.0-doc/pwg/html/index.html